Imagine this scenario:

You are motivated enough to work out to improve your body and overall health. You search the internet for an exercise routine to follow. You pick one up and start following it. But soon, you find it too hard to follow. Ultimately, you get demotivated and drop the routine altogether.

Sounds familiar?

Research shows that a significant reason why many of us aren’t able to stay on a particular exercise routine is that we don’t know the correct path to progression. This is especially true regarding an exercise regimen such as Mat Pilates.

Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi

If you want to do Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi but are struggling to do it for an extended period, then this blog is for you. Here, we will guide you through the three most important steps that will help you do Mat Pilates sustainably and effectively. After reading this, you’ll have a better idea of how to proceed towards achieving your fitness objectives.

Step 1 – Consistency is the Key

Consistency is imperative to build a strong foundation in Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi. If you are starting out, keeping the intensity of exercises low will be better. You are more likely to stay consistent if you can do the exercise in the initial days. Now, there may be days when you feel like skipping the workout altogether, but remember that every workout you skip is a step in the backward direction. You’ll realise that your body responds positively if you maintain consistency.

Step 2 – Slow and Steady Wins the Race

As you progress with Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi, your body will need some time to get in sync with the various movements and accommodate the multiple changes inside the body. There will inevitably be days when your body feels stiff.

Hence, it’s essential to proceed gradually and not rush with the movements. In the initial days, try to do the workouts as consciously as possible, focusing on every movement and trying to do them as perfectly as possible. And then, when you feel ready, you can switch the difficulty up a notch.

Step 3 – Getting Proper Guidance

Going from beginner to advanced level in Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi is no small feat as it involves a lot of complex movements. It may not always be possible to do it with proper shape and form without expert guidance.

A qualified instructor can teach you how to do Pilates correctly and help you understand your goals.

Best Classes for Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi

The Best Classes for Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi

Mat Pilates can be a highly rewarding workout regimen, especially once you master the more advanced movements. But to do that, you will need expert guidance, and there’s no better place in Abu Dhabi than Antara Yoga & Pilates.

At Antara, you have access to highly qualified instructors and a world-class studio that provides a conducive environment to do your workout. It’s not just a place where you can go from beginner to advanced level of Mat Pilates in Abu Dhabi but also a space with a calming atmosphere to unwind pre and post-workout.

But wait, wouldn’t it be better if you found it all by yourself?

Book a class today by contacting us at or +971 52 790 4233. You can also visit our website, and book a class per your schedule.

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