If you are someone who just can’t stand the heat while working out, who absolutely hates those beads of sweat rolling down his/her back, or who prefers a cool environment to work out in, then this may not be for you.

But for thousands of others, the latest trend is to bend and stretch in the haze of 100-degree heat. The point is to produce buckets of sweat while working out various muscle groups to build endurance and lose weight.

Wondering what this form of workout is called?

Let’s find out!

Hot Pilates in Abu Dhabi

Hot Pilates – A hot (quite literally) new way to lose weight

Hot Pilates uses the basic principles of Pilates, coupled with a hot environment to challenge your body. It is high-intensity, low-impact, and is designed to strengthen the muscles without any high-impact movements. Since it is performed in a room that has been heated up to more than 90 degrees, you can expect to be surrounded by a host of sweaty people. What’s more, even the humidity is set to almost 40%! Hot Pilates uses a lot of variations and repetitions of core & back strengthening movements of pilates alongside a variety of squats, lunges, and mountain climbers.

How is it good for weight loss?

Hot Pilates serves as an excellent substitute for cardio training which in turn promotes weight loss. While doing this workout, your heart immediately ramps up to the cardio state which is great for both enhancing endurance as well as building strength. Though there are no specific studies related to Hot Pilates, there are extensive studies related to Pilates and its effect on strength, endurance, and overall body stability. Research shows that doing Pilates regularly can significantly improve the quality of life, improve flexibility & mobility, and reduce the risk of injuries. If you join some of the best Hot Pilates classes in Abu Dhabi, you can be sure to walk out in a good mood, and with high morale and energy.

Are there any risks associated with it?

Like any other form of high-intensity workout, Hot Pilates comes with its own set of side effects or after-effects. For one, it can be extremely dehydrating and exhausting. Since you will be losing water at a rapid pace in the form of sweat, you need to make sure that you have enough to drink on the side to prevent dehydration. While doing the workout, it’s okay to take a break in case you start feeling lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous. Also, check with your doctor if it’s okay for you to enrol in such a class before you join one.
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The best Hot Pilates class in Abu Dhabi

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