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Hot yoga sculpt in Abu Dhabi has emerged as a popular form of high-intensity workout that pushes your body to its limits in a heated environment. By combining traditional yoga practices with the element of heat, this workout helps reduce stress and anxiety in good measure.

In a typical hot yoga class, you can expect the room temperature to be 32–40 degrees Celsius. Such high temperatures consequently produce more sweat, thereby promoting the release of toxins and improving blood circulation. High temperatures significantly reduce the level of the stress hormone – cortisol.

The heat of a hot yoga sculpt class not only challenges you physically but mentally as well. When exposed to the stressful environment of high temperatures, one learns to build mental resilience, maintain focus and sharpen mental clarity. The mind-body connection that a hot yoga sculpt in Abu Dhabi promotes sets it apart from other forms of workout.

The USP of this workout is that it is beneficial for someone looking to lose weight and mental peace.

Hot Yoga is one of the best forms of workouts to promote both

What to Expect from a Hot Yoga Sculpt Class in Abu Dhabi?

Here are some things you can expect when you enter a hot yoga sculpt class.

  • Elevated Temperature and Humidity – The room temperature in a hot yoga sculpt class ranges between 32-40 degrees Celsius. So be prepared to shed a bucket full of sweat.


  • Intense Physical Workout – Performing traditional yoga poses in elevated temperatures can be taxing, challenging your body’s strength and flexibility. Try maintaining proper form and alignment as best as you can.


  • Focus on Breathing and Mindfulness – Paying attention to breath control and mindfulness sets a hot yoga sculpt class apart from other forms of workout. Deep, slow inhalations and exhalations accompany any yoga posture that you do in this class.


Hot Yoga Sculpt for Weight Loss and Management

Hot yoga sculpt in Abu Dhabi is a popular medium for weight loss, as it increases the calorie burn by making you exercise in a heated environment. The more you exert your body in elevated temperatures, the more your heart rate increases during your workout. Consequently, you end up burning many calories.

Hot yoga, with a well-balanced diet, cardiovascular workouts, and strength training, can lead to successful weight loss. However, restore the fluid levels in your body via proper hydration to avoid any adverse effects on your body.

Best Hot Yoga Sculpt in Abu Dhabi

Consider joining a fitness studio such as Antara Yoga & Pilates that can help you with weigh loss and hot yoga in Dubai. Antara boasts of having highly qualified instructors who can guide you through the various nuances of this workout and help you achieve your weight-loss goals.

Antara is a premium fitness studio in Abu Dhabi that can help you get started with Hot Yoga Sculpt in Abu Dhabi

Equipped with world-class equipment and frequented by a vibrant community, our fitness studio can be the perfect place to start your weight loss journey, and that too in a holistic way.

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